Beacon Marketing

What is Beacon Marketing and how can it be used in marketing?

Retail shopping is being transformed by Beacons, which are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth communication technology to send push notifications to nearby smartphones or internet enabled devices.

How does it work?

The precise nature of Beacons enables services that can help customers find a specific item or information. The transmitter works by sending an ID number to the smart device or internet enabled device. The information is then sent to a server that assesses what action is assigned to the specific ID number and responds accordingly.

What are the possible commercial uses?

Beacons can be used to deliver information and speed up the checkout process for contactless mobile payments and to reduce queues.

Retailers can use the customer data collected by Beacons to analyse shopping preferences and trends.

The technology can also help keep track of the whereabouts of staff and help deploy the workforce to the right areas.

Some more example uses:

Stores: Deliver in-store offers and e-catalogues to target shoppers
Restaurants: Attract new customers with coupons, whilst offering returning customers express order and pick-up services
Shopping Malls: Guide shoppers with floor plans, events and the hottest sales for a boost in traffic and revenue
Airports: In addition to flight information, showcase duty-free promotions and special vacation deals
Stadiums: Send welcome messages, maps and coupons for snacks and sporting goods
Museums: Provide mobile tours for exhibitions as well as museum shop promotions

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