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For Growth Hubs

We work closely with Growth Hubs across the UK to collaboratively facilitate growth amongst local businesses and startups.

If required by the Growth Hub we can act as full contract managers.  That is to manage tupe staff, promote the program, recruit participants (we are marketers, this is where we excel!), deliver advice or training (we share our expertise with other business owners), signpost to other specialists, external programs and organisations… and of course to report trailblazing outcomes!

For others, we are marketing experts on a framework of advice/training givers. Here we may be responsible for recruiting participants, delivering impactful business growth support and submitting ERDF/ESIF compliant paperwork.

Adding Value

  • Bringing the community together remotely via website resources and workshops
  • Creating National PR for the region
  • Creating inter-network business opportunities between participants
  • Signposting participants to other local organisations for funding/ finance/ exporting advice etc
  • Ensuring impact and legacy 

“With all the marketing we’ve been doing on the straight beams we’ve already passed last year’s turnover for the year (with 4 ½ months still to go) – If it continues like this, we should double last year’s turn over!”

Fresh have helped over 500 SMEs generate millions of pounds in sustained profitable growth and have been involved in at least 250 jobs generated across Yorkshire, in the last 32 months alone.

“Our business has benefitted greatly from Fresh’s input. Our sales have doubled during the period since they have been providing advice & support. We are now providing work for significantly more associates than before. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of their service and would recommend them to any SME looking to improve their marketing activities”.